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October 8, 2013


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So my sister :iconshony-jackie: showed me this:

For those who don't want to read it all, it's the storyboards for the second half of the first episode of Total Drama Phakitew Island.  I'm not sure how real or fake it is, but after comparing the characters in the storyboard to the silhouettes you can see of the contestants on the Total Drama wikia page for season 6, they check out, so until proven otherwise, I believe this to be 100% real.

The contestants:

Since this is the second half, not everyone gets much individual info, but after reading it I think I got what I need for now.  Also, since Phakitew is Cree for Exploded, the teams also have Cree names that odds are I won't remember.  So I'm gonna go by team 1 and team 2 for now.

Team 1:

Amy and Samey:  The twins of the season.  They don't do much in the second half, but I'm pretty sure Samey is the tougher of the two.
Rodney:  Also doesn't do a whole lot, but...THE DUDE IS FUCKING WRECK-IT RALPH!!!  THEY RIPPED OFF A RIP OFF OF DONKEY KONG!!!  That being said, I like him and am rooting for him to win because Wreck-It Ralph is fucking awesome.
Max:  Seems to be a midget and/or a small child who somehow got on the show.  He seems to think he's evil, but is really just an accident prone mamma's boy wimp or something.
Topher:  No, he's not a ripoff of the guy from 30 Rock, he's what happens when you take a handsome man with Justin like selfishness, and give him Sierra's "I worship Chris" attitude.
Scarlet:  She did less then the twins, but she seems nice.  She looks like a nerd or a secretary, but may be hot if she takes off her glasses and lets her hair down if movie knowledge is to be followed.
Jasmine:  Seems to be a female Indiana Jones that isn't Laura Croft.

Team 2:

Dave:  New Noah, 'nuff said.
Sky:  Not sure if she's rich or evil, kinda looks rich or evil, but she seems nice, and is also hot and athletic.
Shawn:  I think he's supposed to be Jude from 6teen or something...only dumber.
Leonard:  He's that one kid who played DnD/LARPed too much and forgot the difference between real and fantasy.
Beardo:  A cross between a Yeti, a rough draft of Owen, and the sound effects guy from the Police Academy movies.
Ella:  Snow White/stereotypical Disney Princess/Princess Clara without all the negativeness.  She also sings.
And if you thought that last one was bad, wait until you see the last one...
Sugar:  HONEY BOO BOO!!!  MOTHER FUCKING HONEY BOO BOO!!!  TLC, for the love of god cancel all your Toddlers and Tiaras based programming.  Because if it's able to reach all the way to Canada, who knows what will happen?

The Island:

It seems that the season 5 finale is gonna be so awesome, it's gonna destroy Camp Wawanakwa, so now they need a new one.  Not much seems to be different, although there is a more "raised alter/podium" style voting off area, and there's heards of stampeding moose.

The way for losers to leave:

Since the island's name is Cree for "Exploded", this season needs to evict the losers with a they get launched from a fucking cannon.  At least this way, they have more dignity.


The first challenge is to rummage around a junk yard for building supplies while Chef launches Tennis Balls from a gun at them.  After time is up, they then have to build a house out of what they got.  I'm not 100% sure if they have to live there or not, but they still build anyway.  Team 1 builds a tree house, and due to Team 2 being populated by idiots, they vote and build a wizard's tower...that is destroyed, so they lose.


The main thing for winning this season seems to be take out from a sponsoring restaurant.  Which for this one is a place that seems to serve petting zoo animals.  Good thing Dawn and Bridgette aren't here.

Eliminated contestant:

It came down to Leonard (who suggested they build a Wizard's tower in the first place), and Beardo (for being useless other than making sound effects).  So somehow, Beardo went bye bye via cannon, and afterwards we see his audition tape, turns out he can talk, he's just shy and uses sound effects to mask it, and he was hoping that his teammates would look past that.

Wah wah waaaaahhhhhh.

I will redo this once the episode actually comes out (I hope they don't change this too much, I like the character designs), so if it didn't seem that in depth, that's why (and because there's no first half I can find).

So far it seems that season 5 is shaping up to be good, and if any of the characters seem SUPER stupid, that's because this show's been going on for 5 seasons, and any new contestants would HAVE to be stupid to sign up for this show.  Here's also hoping that Rodney is voiced by Brian Fround.
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My favorite: topher. 
Any reason why?
 I dont know, he has something that i like and love chris mclean like me.
Okay, that's fair.
Yeah, this season seems interesting. Of course I think the hottest of the girls in there are Sky and Ella.
I'm also guessing that Sugar and Leonard are dark-skinned, especially Leonard if you look at his lips.
I know Leonard is, but I think Sugar might be white...just because Honey Boo Boo is.
SEGASister Oct 8, 2013  Student Writer

Team 1: Scarlett

Team 2: Ella

Hmm, sounds good, I think it'd probably be teams Jasmine and Dave though since they seem to be the main focus of their respective teams.
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